Fetching Data


Once you've got your Jory Resources set up the data can be fetched by sending a Jory Query to the Jory Endpoints.

Jory Queries are JSON strings containing your query data. All keys have a full and minified version.

Full key Minified Description
fields fld Define which fields you want to be returned (SELECT)
filter flt Apply a filter (WHERE)
sorts srt Apply sorting (ORDER BY)
relations rlt Define which relations you want to be returned
offset ofs Apply an offset
limit lmt Limit

Select clauses are more complex and therefor have their own "sub" keys.

Full key Minified Description
field f Define on which field you want to filter
operator o Define what operator you want to use in the filter. E.g. "=", ">"
data d Define by which value you want to filter
group_and and Create a grouped AND clause
group_or or Create a grouped OR clause

{info} The full and minified keys can always be used both and can even be mixed within a single Jory Query. For clarity and consistency all documentation only uses the full keys.